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Advertise Your Online Store, Auctions & DIY items!

Advertise Your Online Store, Auctions & DIY items!
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Welcome to Belle Eternal™! I am The Lady Lisa and I give you a space to advertise your online store, boutique, auctions, anything! Well, almost...god, I'm such a tease.

Here be the rules:

You MAY post pics of items you sell, design, create by hand, create by computer, create by telepathy (those telepathy items are SO difficult, but bloody rewarding!). But, ay, here's the rub: all designs and items must incorporate some element of diy ("do-it-yourself") design. Meaning, you can post about your Cafe Press store (I'm so guilty) or your Ebay auctions, or your own web boutique, etc, however the store/items must have been created/altered by you in some way. For example, you can post a blurb about your shredded & re-sewn Police t-shirt (which you made into a wickedly hot mini-dress or kilt -- ow!), but you can't advertise the Police tee, unchanged from when you purchased it. In essence, if all you did was pay for the item -- retail or wholesale, I don't care -- and are attempting to re-sell it unaltered, then be on your way. However, if you make your own candles, design political tees, embellish Victorian corsets -- whatever! Then, by all means, advertise away! And, if you think you're going to get away with simply tying a ribbon around a bar of Irish Spring, and call THAT diy, give me a break. Well, actually, it probably would look pretty cute. But, I must set boundaries!

Pics must be kept to 400x400 or under for regular entry. Larger or multiple pics may be posted, but must be accompanied by an lj-cut.
You MAY NOT advertise the same items or auctions multiple times. You may, however, advertise your overall STORE multiple times, but only if you have something new to offer each post, such as a sale or new designs within.
You MAY NOT be disrespectful to other members.

Also, I've gotta keep the community pretty. So, pick up after yourselves. No red "X"s or "image cannot be found" links. You may certainly keep the entry in, but you have to delete your image links if they are no longer active. If you do not do so within a reasonable amount of time -- SNIP -- your entry will be deleted.

Those found to be ignoring these restrictions may be banned and/or sold to randy pirates. I trust that those here will follow the rules, lest thou be brutally rebuffed!

Enjoy and welcome!

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